Who am I?

•  Grandmother. Writer. Teacher. Advocate.

•  Scranton resident for 7 years

•  Advocate for the kids 

Why am I running?

•  For our kids

•  For our future in the School District and the city.

•  We need new faces and new vision to lead us out of Financial Recovery

•  For the chance to give back to the community that welcomed me so warmly

What I bring to the Board?

•  Honesty.  Integrity.  Transparency.

•  Courage to make considered decisions

•  A commitment to always put our 10,250 students first

•  A proven ability to listen, study and work hard for the common good


•  Ensure any pain on the road to financial recovery is balanced by gain for our kids

•  Ensure we do the best we can for every student entrusted to our care
   *  educationally
   *  emotionally
   *  socially

•  Ensure public consultation on all major issues

•  Rebuild community trust in our School Board

•  Put the past behind us and build a better future